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Why AIS?

When you choose Advocate Insurance Services (AIS) you get more than an insurance agent. Licensed in the states of Oregon and California, AIS has been advising individuals and small business owners in their pursuit of quality healthcare for more than 20 years. As an individual, AIS is your trusted advisor through every stage of life. And, for our small business clients, AIS is your back office partner for all your HR, Payroll, COBRA and ERISA compliance needs.

When you work with AIS — We Work for You!

Human Resource Management
At AIS, we get it. HR Department's don’t exist in your world of small business. This can leave compliance gaps where hundreds and even thousands of dollars could be at risk. That’s why we offer a full service HR Support Center to each of our small group clients to provide needed resources.
AIS partners with reliable and technically integrated payroll companies. We promote their services for a full service integrated solution to your HR, Payroll and Employee Benefits needs. AND because we know that change can be hard, we will let you try them for the first month on us! Call today to learn more about the benefits of working with AIS.
Employee Benefits
You shouldn’t be burdened by COBRA responsibilities and other benefit administration issues following a separation with employees. AIS partners with Third Party Administrators (TPA) and work with each client for the best resource choices for COBRA and other ERISA compliance areas.
Tax credits and penalties, Summary Benefits Coverage, Individual Subsidies and on and on! Are you in compliance? If you aren’t sure where you stand, you don’t have the right agent working for you. As a valued client, we will keep you informed of what you need to know through online portals and monthly updates. We will help advise you about compliance with Healthcare Reform Laws and more!