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Insurance Products by AIS

Advocate Insurance Services (AIS) is your full service insurance partner, licensed to assist with all the various insurance products. Whether for you and a family member, or a group product for your employees, AIS can help.

Dental Insurance
Dental insurance functions the same way medical insurance does. The monthly rate you pay offers you certain dental benefits. Most plans include regular checkups, cleanings, x-rays, and other services that promote good dental health. It is important to read the exclusions on all dental plans because many have specific limitations and exclusions on the types of benefits that go beyond cleanings and fillings such as orthodontia.
Life Insurance
The amount of life insurance you purchase depends on your anticipated final expenses and your family’s projected monetary needs in the future. Once you have dependents, you should buy enough life insurance so that, when combined with other sources of income, it will replace the income you now generate for them, plus enough to offset any additional expenses they will incur. Term Life is generally less expensive and will last you for a specified “term“. Whole Life is in effect throughout your entire life and thus more likely to increase the expense of the premium.
vision insurance
Commonly known as a supplemental insurance to other types of policies, vision insurance is an option to assist in offsetting the costs of routine checkups. Most plans will pay a portion of the cost for vision corrective wear that may be prescribed by a physician. Routine eye exams are usually covered in these policies and allow your doctor to look for vision problems and signs of serious medical conditions that may necessitate further corrective action. Please note that definitions of certain terms may vary across insurance companies as do the benefits of coverage.
critical illness
Critical Illness insurance typically makes a lump sum cash payment for covered illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer. When a critical illness occurs, helps you handle the medical and out-of-pocket costs that add up after a critical illness.

* Please note, however, that definitions of certain terms and coverage amounts may vary across insurance companies.
accident insurance
Accident Insurance helps you handle the medical and out-of-pocket costs that add up after an accidental injury. This includes emergency treatment, hospital stays and medical exams, and other expenses you may face, such as transportation and lodging needs.

* Please note, however, that definitions of certain terms may vary across insurance companies.
Travel Insurance
Travel health insurance plans provide medical coverage for travelers for a short period of time. Most people purchase these plans when they leave the country for international trips during vacation, holiday or business. Some policies may restrict the coverage available to you outside of the U.S. and a travel medical insurance policy helps supplement your current coverage while you are outside of your home country. Short-term travel health plans may not be renewable.